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The forests of Appennin
foreste del casentino map of mountain bike tour in tuscany Map of the tour
gps track mountain bike tour in tuscany GPS track of the tour
time for mountain bike tour in tuscany 5 h.
length of mountain bike tour in tuscany 28,7 Km.
gap of mountain bike tour in tuscany 900 mt.

Along this path youíll dive into one of the widest portion of native forest in Italy, the national park of Foreste Casentinesi. Casentino, the valley where Arno finds its birthplace, begins with Stia, a cute village 35 km far from Pontassieve, 50 km from Florence, reachable by car (through the Consuma pass, see the tour above) or by train (from Arezzo, local train service).
From Stia a road rises eastward to the Calla pass: the start is located after the biggest bend, some kilometres before Passo della Calla.
After a short road turn on the right, pass the green gate and continue to go upward along the white road. Then the road follows downward (keep always the right) until a wooden bridge (after, go upward on the left). The road then meets the signed path 78, the most difficult part by bike (if necessary itís easy to walk hanging the bike) that cross, finally, the summit.
On the flat summit of Appennin the path runs into the Riserva Naturale Integrale di Sasso Fratino, a native forest remained from the last ice age: the access is forbidden and only allowed on the main path. The environment here is wonderful in every season.
The path arrives to the flat ground of Passo della Calla: near the hut, on the other side of the paved road, a white road go downward to the Fonte Calcedonia (the word calcedonio reminds the agate, or some other carbonate mineral; fonte is for spring).
At the spring you have to follow for roughly 500 meters the paved road: be careful, this road is used by motor bikers almost like a race track, every Saturday and Sunday.
Leave the paved road on the left, access the white road (green gate) that after some kilometres becomes a path, then a narrow path, difficult but very funny, always flat but the final part, rising. The environment here is very beautiful and wild.
The path ends in the first white road, going downward this time: in some minutes you will be at the starting point again. Quite hard.