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Consuma-Secchieta map of mountain bike tour in tuscany Map of the tour
gps track mountain bike tour in tuscany GPS track of the tour
time for mountain bike tour in tuscany 2,5 h.
length of mountain bike tour in tuscany 18 Km.
gap of mountain bike tour in tuscany 450 mt.

I discovered this tour in a bitter cold day, frozen hard ground and snow, the last part of the tour beneath a snow blizzard. In normal conditions I believe that this tour is quite easy, itís perfect for the hottest days of the year, running always under a continuous roof of threes on the northern slopes of Monte Secchieta.
The tour starts in the small square of the village of Consuma, then it climbs the first slopes until a small chapel on a fork: the right path is the return way, we follow the left one.
The path runs on the small plateau, up and down on the hills, along a nice lost valley, then climbs a slope until crossing the 00 path (on the crest).
The final path crosses the paved street connecting Monte Secchieta (left), Vallombrosa (right) and Montemignaio (behind), take the right one and go down for some hundred meters; leave the paved route at the path number 8, red and white signs, but leave soon the path on the right, following the main unpaved route.
The path continues quite flat within another lost valley, wonderful forests and environment, until a bivouac (strange place for such a hut), useful in case of bad time or any other need.
Take the route on the right, and follow until crossing again the 00 path, then follow the 00 path until a clearing with a wooden cross, and then the small chapel again, then quickly down to the Consuma. Easy.