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From Santa Brigida and Madonna del Sasso to Poggio Ripaghera
Madonna Del Sasso map of mountain bike tour in tuscany Map of the tour
gps track mountain bike tour in tuscany GPS track of the tour
time for mountain bike tour in tuscany 2,5 h.
length of mountain bike tour in tuscany 13 Km.
gap of mountain bike tour in tuscany 650 mt.

Once the only way to preserve fresh food was to maintain it in a cool site; butter and fresh cheese was hidden in dark places built for this scope at a relative high altitude, deep into the forest and along cool streams. Until 50 years ago the butter for Firenze and surroundings was produced on the grazes of Valdisieve and Mugello, then stored in the forest just above the village of Santa Brigida. This tour touches some of the small buildings of stone locally known as “Burraie”, storages for butter.

The trip starts just before the village, in a crossway called Lucole. From there we follow the trek route 8 (red and white signs) and after a nice country unpaved route we climb on the steep ancient route leading to the church of Madonna del Sasso. In this place, in late XVI century, a miracle tells that the Virgin appeared on a stone, still visible inside the church.

The route is eventually very steep and the bike must be carried by hand for few time. From the church, the signed path follows the paved route going down westward, until the point when the path diverge on the right from the main route, and penetrate the forest. Now the route is unpaved and begins to go up still westward: almost at the flat top of the hill we take the main path (00) coming back north-eastward. We meet a first group of old houses, after the 00 path met the SB (Sentiero Burraie, path of Burraie),then we see a typical burraia (Burraia di Peretola), well conserved.

The route now climbs steeper, initially leaving the forest for an open, incredibly wide landscape, then dives again in the wood. Now the path is exiting and never too hard, until the top of Poggio Ripaghera, that is traversed on the north slope. Short after the SB diverges from the 00: we follow the 00, straight ahead, that now is rapidly going down eastward. We are riding the crest of the hills, the landscape is wonderful, on a near hill a medieval tower patrols the two valleys. At a group of ruins we turn right leaving the crest, initially following the path signed as D then meeting again the SB route (take it on the left). The path is quite steep and embanked, riding here is very funny.
We meet the burraia of Bacio (kiss), the best conserved, a thin stream still flowing inside. After this the route becomes wider: we leave the path SB and follow the D, the route becomes wider and runs quickly to the cemetery, then the village again. Medium.