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the ancient route of Marna valley
valle della marnia map of mountain bike tour in tuscany Map of the tour
gps track mountain bike tour in tuscany GPS track of the tour
time for mountain bike tour in tuscany 1 h.
length of mountain bike tour in tuscany 13,5 Km.
gap of mountain bike tour in tuscany 250 mt.

This ancient route joins the low valley of Arno, close to the village of Rignano, with the high route the joined Firenze-Fiesole and Arezzo since the Etruscan times. The route was also used by the local lords to reach the country by the farm in Pieve a Pitiana. In the Pieve a Pitiana, a romanesque church, you'll find a painting of Ghirlandaio. From the foremost route, coming from Pontassieve, turn left just before Rignano, at the tag "Marnia". The route starts just here, and follow the well traced ancient route, running initially among grass fields (standing stones) and cultivated areas (it's usual to meet a couple of hawks), then easily climbing in a beautiful wood until the paved route, crossing some fields with olive trees. From here, in a couple of hundreds meters, you'll reach the Pieve a Pitiana (nice overlook) from where a white route on the northern side go downward until a new house. Pay a bit of attention here, keep the left and go toward another coutry house (Casa al Bosco), from there on the left side a route runs down until a crossing four routes: get the second one on the right (without cipresses) an simply follow going down until the first route, and from there at the starting point again. Very easy.