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The Arno terraces
Firenze by poggio all'incontro map of mountain bike tour in tuscany Map of the tour
gps track mountain bike tour in tuscany GPS track of the tour
time for mountain bike tour in tuscany 2,5 h.
length of mountain bike tour in tuscany 18,2 Km.
gap of mountain bike tour in tuscany 650 mt.

In geological terms a terrace is a flat platform of land created alongside of a river, actually suspended some hundreds of meters over the river level. After the climb of this gap the tour allows to ride easily.
The tour starts in Rosano: don't forget to visit the Benedictine nuns Abbey of Santa Maria in Rosano, home to an order of seclusion nuns even today. The visits are limited at the times of services, for example the Vesprum between 5,30 and 6,30 pm (depending on the season).
Then, follow the route for Rignano and get the secondary route on the right after few hundreds of meters. Follow this route (paved) until the guest house Castiglionchio, then turn left on the white route.
Here starts a nice country route, paved with ancient stones (surpass an house) until a bridge on a small stream. Go straight ahead leaving the other routes on right and left (here straight ahead and keep the left), the route go up hardly for some meters, then still pretty hard for two hundred meters, until the farm of Mitigliano. Now the route is easier, some hundreds meters separate you from the top.
Finally, the top! Another farm, fattoria di Moriano, and on the left a path signed as "AR" (Anello Rinascimentale), red and white signs, that briefly reaches the flat terrace. Now, in the wood, you ride on an ancient route that joined Firenze with the Valdarno along the high land (here, in winter). Less than one hour journey, a small climb to reach Poggio all'Incontro, from where you'll enjoy a good view of Firenze, then back by the paved route: ath the big cross turn right along the 00 path, then leave this path for the number 1, along the top of the hills along the Arno (a nice flat land with few wooden areas). the direction is Compiobbi, the signs even red&white. The path enters a nice, more sloped wood, where descent starts. Sometimes the red&white signed path is crossed by a yellow signed, less sloped path: follow it, is a MTB path that follows the same direction with less slope and more hairpin turns, in a very wonderful wood. The route ends in the small village of San Prugnano from where the well sloped white route (not paved) quickly reaches Rosano again, just in front of the abbey. Medium-hard, or few hundred meters by feet.