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East face of Secchieta
Pratomagno map of mountain bike tour in tuscany Map of the tour
gps track mountain bike tour in tuscany GPS track of the tour
time for mountain bike tour in tuscany 3,5 h.
length of mountain bike tour in tuscany 27 Km.
gap of mountain bike tour in tuscany 800 mt.

I suggest this tour for the hottest days of summer, when you find a breath of fresh air beneath the shadow of the trees, along the northern and eastern slopes of Pratomagno-Secchieta, although in fall you can enjoy the wonderful colours of chestnut forests. The tour starts in the village of Montemignaio, reachable in a 40 minute drive from Pontassieve, following for Consuma, then turning on the right for Montemignaio. Take a look to the castle and the medieval tower. The tour starts some hundreds of meters after Montemignaio, along the way going down to Casentino, by the church simply known as La Pieve: the church is enriched by a typical ceramic of the Renaissance, known as Robbiana by the famous artist family of Della Robbia.
The tour can be done by both directions, so choose your preferred, we'll show you in the counter-clockwise direction.
Start at La Pieve and follow the main street rising toward Montemignaio (be careful to the traffic), yellow street on the map. In Montemignaio, close to the tower, follow the narrow street, paved yet, for Secchieta (touristic brown tag): after a first hairpin turn on the right, and a second on the left, take a concrete-paved route on the right, that rising hardly will bring you to the crossroads between the paths CAI 26 and 25 (red and white signs). Follow the 25, the right one, along an easy, wonderful mule track among the chestnut trees, wading some streams and following the ren and white signs untill they leave the route on the right: then still follow the route ahead (some red sign on the trees) untill a crossroads: turn left and rise for a while, untill the route go out the forest and then cross a main unpaved route, with the red and white signs of the path CAI 00.
Turn left and follow the route, that sometimes leaves the 00 path then meets again in some hundreds of meters: the route rises untill it meets the path 26, when you arrive after a 2h30' ride. From here, you can quickly come down to the village again, in about half an hour, simply following the signs (in the woods you're going to hold your bike by hand, if you are less than good bikers... anyway it's a short, easy path into a nice landscape!) untill the crossroads already seen.
To complete the tour, still follow the path 00 until the paved road, when you cross the route for Secchieta and even a paved route direct for Montemignaio again (the fastest comeback to the start). To go along the tour, rise toward Secchieta. This is a nice road, without traffic and beneath a wonderful wood, rising for 230 m. untill the Secchieta, the top of the tour. You can even folow the 00 path (red and white signs) parallel to the road.
From here the road becomes unpaved, goes slowly down southward and runs along the crest of the mountain crossing some points of overlook toward the west (the Arno Valley and Chianti).
After roughly 5 km from the top, along the white route we're riding, the 00 path crosses the path 28, signed by a tag saying Montemignaio: the path runs down north-eastward, along a nice mule track in the forest again, where you'll quickly loose altitude untill the paved route in the village of Fornello: pass the small soccer field, then the church, still following the red and white signs of path 28, untill the start of La Pieve. Medium.