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Good website from my World:
Ladakh trekking. personal website of mountain guide Angchok
Italian Alpine Club of Florence, CAI Firenze
Tales in picture, lovely dreams
Chi cerca trova, the Sandro's Blog with its wonderful pictures
My Internet Services Provider, his spanish sister Nominalia and the british sister Names.Co
A complete overview of the christian pantheon, all the saints
My blog about hosting and email world in italian
A nice bed&breakfast nearby Firenze,
Castles in Tuscany
Do u remember GrottanGO?, don't you? an evidence of Orwell's doublethink theory
Farm tourism in Tuscany, Agriturismo
I love chocolate, and believe me, this (from Piemonte) is the best one I ever tasted!
My favorite mountaineers, Gaston Rebuffat and Edward Whymper.
My old friend in Bermuda, Franz.
...but, Beatiful MOre Than Any Other, the Never Found Island....
So dreamy website, Art and Sky.
Nice pictures from somewhere.
Other pictures from Sicily.
Free products from a free land.
Simply drawing Pad (in italian)
The green thumb of a friend (in italian)
KAKO! Immagini Suoni Rumori, Antonio's blog (in italian)
Nice website around the bike (in italian).
A lovely lovely model.
I like this band, and I like this website.
Drawings by Simone.
The other voice I, Jerusalem Post
The other voice II, Arutz Sheva
The other voice III, Lebanon Daily Star
The other voice IV, Al Jazeera
From the past, RAI fine delle trasmissioni
From the past, RAI inizio delle trasmissioni
Pure poetry, by pictures
A good idea, living in bike (in italian)

...and some of websites I browse everyday...

Bad news from the World:
The Hell on the Earth, the "Israeli measured response" july 2006 (careful, very shocking!)
The face of war, Fallujah december 2005(careful, shocking!)
And Italians? No much better... december 2005
The secret China I november 2005
The secret China II (careful, very shocking!) november 2005
My poor Italy, as everyone can see december 2005
I'm so ashamed! april 2006
That politic is so boring april 2006
How is sad brutality in the sweet country of sun april 2007
In order to promote the good name of Italy, italian government ordered this website, eventually payed 50000K Euro (yes, 50 millions!). The logo you can see on the upper left corner costed 100K Euro!! Public money, as usual.