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Ancient Romans named Lucilla their daughters coming to life at the first lights of the day. Lucilla came to life at the first sunshine of Friday, July 18, 2008, at 7:18 am, after a full moon night of pain and emotion. Lucilla means small light shining in the night.
Welcome to my life, Lucilla.

Lucilla veiled
Lucilla in her first year
Lucilla in her second year
Lucilla in her third year
Lucilla in her fourth year

Her astrological sign in the Zodiac is the Cancer, ruled by the moon.
The elm is her three, the rat (earth) is her animal in the chinese calendar.
In the past:
Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla was born around 148 AD as the second daughter to Marcus Aurelius and Faustina the Younger, died 182 AD.
Domitia Lucilla, noble Roman woman who lived in the 2nd century (died between 155-161), a lady of considerable wealth and influence. In the Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius he describes her as a ‘pious and generous’ person
Saint Lucilla, Roman citizen, daughter of Saint Nemesius. Healed from an unspecified malady by Pope Saint Stephen I; this caused her and her father to convert to Christianity. Martyred in the persecutions of Valerian, beheaded with a sword c.260 in Rome. Memorial 25 August.