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Place: Isle of Skye, Scotland
Date: December 2007
Download scotland1.wmv (80,5MB)
Streaming on YouTube click here

Place: Upper Tyrrenian
Date: December 2007
Streaming on YouTube by Yago click here

Scene: Fest Noz, Bretagne (France)
Date: August 2006
Download festnoz.wmv (19,3MB)
Streaming click here

Scene: Massive Attack live, Lucca Summer Festival (just some shots)
Date: July 2006
Download massiveattack.wmv (30,8MB)
Streaming click here

Scene: My wonderful nephews
Date: May 2006
Download bimbi.wmv (3,8MB)
Streaming click here

Scene: Music at "le Pavoniere", disco/garden/swimming poll in Firenze
Date: June 2006
Download pavoniere.wmv (5,4MB)
Streaming click here

Place: Different places in Morocco, Marrakech and southward
Date: March 2006
Download onstreets.wmv (13MB)
Streaming click here

Place: Unite d'Habitation by Le Corbusier, Marseilles (France) 1946
Date: New Years Day 2003
Music: Fonderia (band from Roma,
Download lecorbusier.wmv (33MB)
Streaming click here